About Kinari Glass

Our company was established in December of 2000. We are located in Shinoyama-city, Hyogo Prefecture, which is west of Osaka.
We manufacture glasswork supplies and also sell our glasswork products overseas.
Kinari Glass works especially on lampworking and torchworking. We continue to work towards expanding the world of glass art.

Customers can purchase our products on our website or at any of our stores.
Several of our branches have a variety of creative workshops, such as making your own glass beads.

Company Profile

Name of Company : KInari Glass Co.,ltd.
Established in : December 2000
Location : 924 Tsuji, Sasayama-city, Hyogo, Japan 669-2411
CEO : Kiyoshi Tani
Capital Fund: 3 million yen
Business Area : Manufacturing, marketing, importing & exporting glasswork and supplies 
Research & Development, distributer, on-line marketing
Our Products : Tonbodama, Glass rod, Burners an others, Accessory parts, and
Tonbodama accessories

kinari glass

Corporation history

1997 : Established Yoshimura Corp. in Kyobashi,Osaka. Selling Tonbodama
2000: Established Kinari Glass Corp.
2005: Established Asakusabashi branch
2007: Main office was moved to Sasayama-City, Hyogo. Opend our factory and warehouse
2008: Established Yokohama branch
2009: Established Arima branch
2011: Patented for lead-free glass rod
2017: Established Nagoya branch
2018: Established Okinawa branch

Finding Our Patented Lead-Free Glass “ C-Series “

Kinari GlassLead, because of its toxicity, can often times be harmful for humans as well as the environment.

The fumes created by the lead during the glass making process can also be hazardous as well, creating a dangerous work environment. Kinari Glass wanted to change this; so, we created out our own.

We created a highly water-resistant, sustainable, lead-free glass titled “C-Series”, which was patented in 2011.

The C-Series glass was created to ensure the longevity of our product, as well as keeping the quality high at reasonable prices

Our business areas

Manufacturing glass rods

Manufacturing glass rods

We are continuously working towards research that will provide our valued customers with glasses of many colors, adding onto the 100 unique colors we already provide. We make sure to carefully craft each color, as the weather and humidity often affect the colors. Each glass rod is carefully handcrafted, meaning that no two rods will be exactly same, providing our customers with a fresh, unique look.

Our burners and other tools

Our burners and other tools

Kinari Glass also researches the type of burners from customer’s perspective, in order to ensure that customers can find the exact burner they are looking for.
A variety of DVDS, books, tools and beginner’s kit can be purchased for those looking to learn more about glasswork.

Making Tonbodama

Making Tonbodama

Tonbodama can be purchased for accessory making. Our Tonbodama can vary the size, shape, and color because of their individual creation by our experienced glassmakers.

Designing and assembling accessory

Designing and assembling accessory

Kinari Glass is the only one company in Japan that makes our accessories from scratch,
from handcrafting glass rods to assembling accessories, we enjoy creating everything
ourselves. and we are very proud of what we do. We hope that we can share out passion
of creating with our customers.

Our Classes and Workshops

Our Classes and Workshops
We offer classes and workshops.
Fee and classes vary at each location. Please contact each branch for more details.

Offered work shop/class
Make your own Tonbodama, How to use our burner, Kiln work shop, Make your own
Millefiori etc


Asakusabashi [Tokyo] Teiou Building 2-14-3 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Asakusabashi Experience reservation site

Kyobashi [Osaka] 2-2-36 Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
Kyobashi Experience reservation site

Nagoya [Aichi] MakersPierU-117,2-7-1 Kinjo Furo, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi
Nagoya Experience Reservation Site

Okinawa Chatan [Okinawa] at’schatan1F,Mihama Chatancho-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa Chatan Experience Reservation Site

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